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About this Project
July 3, 2017

This website is a display of a series of 31 black and white posters designed by me, Gabe Ferreira, during the month of May.

The works are a reflection of my experience of my new home, San Francisco, and an attempt to celebrate its beauty, reference the city’s history and geography, and comment on the current state of affairs.

Though not always spelled with the Latin alphabet, “San Francisco” (or a variation thereof) were the only two words used in each piece.

Closing Notes

Art prints of the posters presented above are available for sale here.

Additionally, I have a few packets of 5 posters in case you’re interested in the idea of being surprised. These are printed on 100lb. cover paper (260gsm), measure 9×12in (22.9×30.5cm), and come with a small surprise not shown in the photo linked. E-mail me to buy one ($40, shipping to the US included).

If you have any questions or comments about San Francisco(s), please write to

While working on San Francisco(s), I counted with great help and feedback from Tin Kadoic, Whitney Smith, Kian Ansari, Bryan Ku, Brian Mark and Elijah Zapien.